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Our programs are comprehensive and focus on results for the data controllers, our customers, compliance with regulation and most importantly, the data subject!

Customer Winback & Reactivation

Customer winback remains one of the most underappreciated segments in almost every company’s marketing strategy. These customers loved your brand once, let us help you create sound strategy that invites those users back to remember what it was about your brand that attracted them in the first place.

Customer Retention

Customers tend to wander in markets where saturation has occurred. Understanding the difference between brand loyalty and promotional driven patronage will help you to retain more clients, even in the most highly competitive markets. Utilize our retention services to engage your customers to find out why they wander and how you can help your brand build real loyalty through efforts other than those driven by incentive.

Customer Acquisition

It is unlikely that you operate without competitors and every time a customer registers with you but doesn’t move on to become a paying customer you can assume they have taken their business elsewhere. With programs dedicated to helping our customers improve their conversions of registered, non-funding users we can significantly improve your bottom line.

Customer Feedback

Ever wonder what your customer is thinking? You don’t have to anymore.

Let CES Communications help you build great two-way communication channels with your clients, keeping them engaged and feeling valued, thanks to your recognition of their needs.

Custom Integration & Consultancy

If you are interested in our services but don’t like the idea of outsourcing this part of your value chain, then let us work with you to build this internally, leaving you with a program that provides lasting results, benefiting your organization for years to come.

VIP Management

Every business wants to have great clients but what if they go somewhere else?

Let CES Communications show you how to improve your processes with top customers, giving them more of what they want so they continue to patronize your brand!

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